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"Where do you want to sit?"
"Next to you."
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Louis made Harry do his dance move (I think Harry did it only because Louis really wanted him to) and then Harry tried to hit him in the balls after. [x] Oh, and he was also staring and smiling at Lou the whole time. Here’s another angle: [x]

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Can we just take a moment (x)


Can we just take a moment (x)

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Louis Tomlinson's stepdad Dan Deakin: The children are coming with Johannah Poulston and I on honeymoon


So the tweet where Dan said the kids were coming with he and Jay on their honeymoon was removed.  Probably cause it was a bit *rude*, however it’s captured in this article which… well yeah. 

You know where I’m going with this.

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Did the sun just obey Niall’s command?

they’re getting stronger

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Happy 4 years!!!

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From the bottom of the stairs to the top of the world;

Five boys,Harry Styles,Liam Payne,Louis Tomlinson,Niall Horan and Zayn Malik ,each performed as solo artist in X-Factor.But fate had different plans for them. Were formed as a band ‘One Direction' on 23rd July,2010 by Simon Cowell. They won thousands of hearts in such a short duration and stood runner up in the contest. But this wasn’t the end of One Direction’s journey. Their first single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ went a hit success followed by their first album ‘Up All Night’. This led to Up All Night tour in Europe,Australia as well as North America. Eventually,One Direction started winning millions of hearts from all over the world. Not only have they won awards from different award shows but also Global Success Award twice. Next came their second album Take Me Home followed by the second tour,Take Me Home Tour which added even more shows in different cities of the world including Tokyo,Japan. One Direction also has its own books including Where We Are and Dare To Dream. The band even launched their own fragrance, Our Moment and later This Moment. Their biggest hit was when they stepped into the film world. Their own 3D Movie ‘This Is Us’ was watched by millions all over the world,adding to their fame. But the most enjoyable event has to be the 7 hour live-stream on 23rd November,2013. The day was named ‘1DDAY’. Fans and celebrities all over the world participated in this joyous and endearing live-stream. The third album  Midnight Memories showed yet another hard-work of the boys where most of the songs were written by the boys themselves. Currently,One Direction is on the road for their first stadium tour ‘Where We Are Tour’. The band has performed numerous shows in Latin America and Europe. More shows are yet to be performed. But this is not all. During the beginning of Where We Are Tour, they announced their fourth world tour ‘On The Road Again’ for 2015. This covers the whole globe.Not to forget the fourth album which is due to be released by the end of 2014. Also One Direction’s another perfume named You & I is settled to be available soon. The young heartthrobs have yet to achieve more in the future.
Even after such a success and huge fame,the boys have stayed humble and down to earth. They care about their fans and do not take this fame for granted. Millions of girls have claimed how these young boys have changed their lives positively. Therefore, A MASSIVE THANK YOU ONE DIRECTION AND HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY.

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I didn’t really think Louis was wearing the shirt Harry wore to his birthday party until we got Eleanor’s photo.



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4 years….

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trying to describe the last 3 years using only 1D song titles x

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If you are interested free shipping now (:

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H a p p y   4 t h   A n n i v e r s a r y ,  O n e  D i r e c t i o n !

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that swedish interview where harry looked hot as shit with his curly hair and ramones t shirt and tan skin GODDAMN IT IVE HAD THIS ON MY COMPUTER FOR YEARS


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